Consignment Agreement

    1. Consignments are accepted by appointment only. Clothing must be in excellent condition, current styles, in season, freshly cleaned, pressed and brought in on hangers.
    2. Retail pricing is determined solely by Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC. An itemized price list will be e-mailed directly to you. Pricing typically ranges between 50% to 20% of original retail pricing, depending upon condition of goods and salability.
    3. The consignment period is 60 days, unless otherwise specified. After 15 days, unsold items may be marked down 20%. After 30 days, unsold items may be marked down without restriction. All inventory is subject to daily and seasonal promotions.
    4. A buyers fee is assessed on each item sold. This fee is passed on to the buyer and retained by Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC. No fee is assessed on unsold items.
    5. Consignor receives 50% of selling price less the buyer’s fee. Checks accruing $25.00 or more are issued the following month after sale. Your account will be charged a $2.00 processing fee each time a check is mailed to you. Monies accrued are available immediately for use as store credit.
    6. If consignor wishes to retrieve unsold items, they must call within 3 days of contract expiration to schedule pickup. Thereafter, items become the property of Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC. Expiration date:____________.
    7. Items not accepted for consignment or returned per consignor’s request must be picked up within 7 days or they shall be deemed abandoned. If consignor wishes to pick up item(s) prior to contract expiration there will be a handling fee of $3.00 per item.
    8. Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC will exercise reasonable care for all consigned items. Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC shall not be held responsible for any damages or loss.
    9. There is a registration fee of $10.00.
    10. Unless otherwise specified, consignor guarantees authenticity of consigned goods and indemnifies Savvy Chic Boutique, LLC of any damages, fees, and costs that may occur, including return of buyer’s purchase price, as a result thereof. Additionally, supplier asserts legal ownership of all items, free of any liens and encumbrances.

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